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What Skills Does an Editor Need to Succeed?

Brad Lee Zimmerman is back with the long-awaited continuation of our interview (Sorry!).

This time, Brad gives some career advice for editors looking to do well in the industry. He encourages editors looking to edit animation to:

  • Google animation studios wherever you’re thinking about working

  • Find a mentor that will allow you to watch the process

  • Immerse yourself in it the process

He also expresses the importance of having a diverse set of skills when it comes to all facets of post-production. The industry today looks for those that not only edit, but can do color correction and audio sweetening as well. It’s a set of skills that Brad has been carrying around since his days at Adult Swim when they had to do a lot with a little.

He goes further to say that it’s also okay to be a specialist and only focus on one aspect that you just have an affinity for. There are plenty of jobs for those with expertise in one particular discipline.

He says editors also need to invest in some good headphones or studio speakers to ensure good, broadcast-ready audio delivery.

Watch and comment below.


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